Sustaining members enjoy the benefits of PNDC membership while also highlighting their capabilities and support of Northwest business in the defense & security industries. 

PNDC Sustaining Members are companies that aren’t typically in the government supply chain, but seek to work with PNDC Member companies.  Our Sustaining Members include law firms, financial institutions, staffing agencies, insurers, accountants, public relations, etc.  Membership is limited and all member applications are subject to approval by the PNDC Board.

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Becoming a Sustaining Member

All Sustaining Members must submit an application to the PNDC staff for consideration by the PNDC Board of Directors. Approval must be decided by a simple majority of the Board. The Board may consider and reject an application for any reason.

For more information on Sustaining Memberships, please contact Sam Zvirzdys at 360-878-0986/ [email protected]

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